Sea buckthorn jam

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Sea buckthorn is the brightest berry in the Siberian diet. Its bright orange fruits add more colour to our autumn! In sea buckthorn, not only berry pulp is valued – a huge share of nutrients is also contained in its seeds. They ae the source for famous sea buckthorn oil, which has a powerful effect on the restoration of body tissues – both external and internal. That is why eating a whole berry with its seed is more useful, as it has a beneficial effect on the recovery processes in the body.
In addition, sea buckthorn seeds give the jam a pleasant, slightly oily aftertaste that you want to enjoy again and again! Enjoy this jam as an independent dessert, as an addition to pastries, or make a fruit drink which is very useful for health.

Ingredients: sea buckthorn, sugar.

Weight: 120g.

Volume: 100ml.