Raspberry jam

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Raspberry jam is a stable concept in the Russian culinary tradition! This unique dessert and those countless cups of tea you can drink with it after a good sauna with good friends will make your evening perfect!
The pleasant and light sweetness of the berry is to everyone’s taste, and not only to humans: during the ripening period, forest raspberries have to be literally won back from the masters of the taiga – bears. Bear families of them occupy raspberry thickets to carefully stock its vitamins for the winter!
Raspberries contain many nutrients, so this jam is literally irreplaceable in your kitchen and diet. Raspberries have a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-fever effect, so it is always useful to have a jar of jam at hand during seasonal flu. Raspberry jam at home makes all its inhabitants kinder, and the climate even warmer.

Ingredients: raspberries, sugar.

Weight: 120g.

Volume: 100ml.