Pine syrup

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The coniferous taste and aroma of pine syrup vividly convey the character of the taiga – harsh and tart, but at the same time soulful and aromatic! This product will appeal to both those who love new gastronomic sensations and those who choose healthy products.

The syrup is prepared on the basis of a brew of pine cones, which contain a lot of immunostimulating substances. At the same time, their concentration in the syrup allows you to enjoy it without any restrictions except for your dietary habits.

The syrup is good alone or as a topping, or you can experiment in other culinary forms improvising with the taiga theme! Push the limits and set your gastronomic imagination free! For example, the syrup is widely used for making coffee, and our personal recommendation is to use it in meat dishes adding a little when stewing. It is also marvelous in marinades or glaze for meat.

Having tried this syrup once, you realize that it is irreplaceable in your kitchen and can be anything from a dessert to seasoning!

Ingredients: pine cone brew, sugar.

Weight: 120g.

Volume: 100ml.

Weight 0.12 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 7 cm