Lingonberry jam

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Lingonberry is one of the most valuable taiga berries.
It ripens in autumn in remote hard-to-reach areas, but this does not stop the Siberians: local residents stir their all-terrain vehicles to make their way into the taiga to stock up on this super-useful berry.
Lingonberry in the northern regions of Siberia differs from the berries that ripen in other regions: Siberian lingonberry is darker, sweeter, and more velvety.
The same can be said about its beneficial properties: the northern berry is a source for strong immunity and vigorous health.

Sweet and sour, slightly tart berries are not only a good tonic, but also noticeably improve wellness.
Lingonberries give a tangible flow of energy that stimulates the brain and improves blood flow.
Nowadays lingonberry is not a common ingredient in the everyday diet of a modern person but it’s definitely worth a try. Ingredients: lingonberry, sugar / Weight:

Ingredients: lingonberry, sugar.

Weight: 120g.

Volume: 100ml.

Weight 0.12 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 7 cm