Book “The Heart of Stone”

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What is Siberia? What is it like? Where is Belovodye located? Who are Gog and Magog? Why is Sleeping Sayan not a man but a woman called Sayana? Why is Lukomorye not just somewhere, but in Siberia?
The book contains answers to all these questions and reveals many other secrets of the Siberian land – from the ancient Okunev steles of Khakassia to the Tunguska meteorite.

Myths and reality in the book are so intricately intertwined that the whole story and life in the novel is a fantastic reality in which the hero travels through the Universe, along the roads of Russia and the worlds of Siberia.
The hero of “The Heart of Stone. The Legend of Siberia” goes his hard path through the troubles of everyday life, through adventures in time and space and finds himself, saves his love and remains true to his dream. He is a new hero.

The book is illustrated brightly by Yakut artist Anna Osipova. One of the illustrations is called “Yeniseisk”.

Publisher: “Aurora”.

Pages: 648.

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