Blueberry jam

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Blueberry is another berry that lives up to their name: blueberries are bright blue!
And the colour of the jam turns out to be a marvelous dark purple shade!
The berries are larger and taste slightly more sour and full-bodied that that of bilberry.
Unlike other “marsh” berries, it grows in the form of small shrubs.
Like other wild berries, blueberries are very useful and the list of their beneficial properties is huge – from anti-inflammatory effects to strengthening blood vessels and stimulating the brain.
Organic blueberries are really good for the health.
Blueberries are very delicate, so they can only be picked manually. Our care gives you the highest quality of our jam which is just totally irresistible.

Ingredients: blueberries, sugar.

Weight: 120g.

Volume: 100ml.