Tourist route in Yenisei Siberia
The Yenisey Siberia consists of three regions located along the banks of the Yenisey river: Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Republic of Khakassia and the Republic of Tyva.
The regions are united not only by geographical proximity, but also by unique tourist places, natural monuments, a unique landscape and cultural and historical sights.

Travelers who want to enjoy all the beauty of the Yenisey Siberia and solve the mysteries of these truly beautiful lands are invited to visit the most interesting places of the three regions and touch their ancient history and unique culture.


This is a trip to three regions of the Yenisey Siberia: Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Republic of Khakassia and the Republic of Tyva.

It’s a unique opportunity to see the life of steppe people and feel like a real nomad, to feel unity with nature and become a bit of a shaman, to meet Old Believers, visit burial of old Tagar culture kings, learn the history of the three regions and plunge into the Ancient Siberian lifestyle.

Conifer forests will be replaced by steppe, and bare, windy semi-deserts will give in to wild mountain rivers and healing springs as you travel by.

On this tour you will:

  • – hear the stories of the three regions with mysterious legends;
  • – visit the iconic places of power of the Yenisey Siberia;
  • – touch ancient cultures;/ take a trip to the geographical center of Asia in Kyzyl;
  • – find the famous gold of the Scythians and marvel at the skill of ancient jewelers;
  • – admire the national colour of the Khakass and Tuvan yurts;
  • – live in a Siberian village as it was more than a century ago, and try yourself as a master of traditional crafts;
  • – see the ancient burial mounds of the Valley of the Kings and rock carvings (petroglyphs) which are more than 2000 years old;
  • – you will feel the energy of the majestic mountains and rock massifs;
  • – you will taste the traditional dishes of the peoples of the Yenisey Siberia.

Significant places and nature sites of the Yenisey Siberia that you’ll visit during the journey: Stolby National Park, Tunguska restaurant of modern Siberian cuisine, Great Salbyk Burrial and Safronov Burrial Ground, Kazanovka Museum-Reserve, Ak-Dovurak Mountain Pass, Aldyn-Bulak Ethnocultural Complex, Tyva National Museum, the Centre of Asia Monument by the world famous sculptor Dashi Namdakov, Ustuu-Khure Buddhist Monastery in Tyva, Ergaki Nature Park, Petropavlovka village of craftsmen.

Tour: 12 nights/13 days

Route length: about 2500 km

Official operator of the tourist route: SibWayTour
Representative office in Krasnoyarsk:
Tel.: +7 (391) 253 83 14
+7 (913) 509 83 14
+7 (963) 260 22 73

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