Brand history

The Yenisey Siberia consists of three regions located along the banks of the Yenisey river: Krasnoyarsk Territory, Republic of Khakassia and Republic of Tyva. The great river, the Yenisey, unites vast tundra, sunny steppes, mighty mountains and endless taiga.

Yenisey Siberia is not just a territory united by geographical proximity, common history and culture: it is a territorial brand that creates new traditions.

The concept of the Yenisey Siberia brand is based on the idea of a great river as a unifying principle that has formed a unique territory and its people.

Nowhere in the world can there be greater diversity and contrast on one land united by a common history, culture and traditions: from the semi-desert south to the Arctic North, from steppes to mountain taiga, tundra and permafrost, and all this is on a land with inexhaustible resources and unlimited opportunities for realizing human potential.

The Yenisey Siberia is a place of strength and inspiration, unsurpassed beauty, rich history and incredible opportunities, a real treasury of beautiful and unique natural objects.

But the main asset of the Yenisey Siberia is its people: hospitable, open, with warm-hearted soul and character tempered by the nature.

It is the people inhabiting these lands who created all those great things, on which the present and the future are built.

The Yenisey, nature, history, people – all this became our inspiration for creating a truly Siberian brand, which presents various products perfect as original souvenirs or corporate gifts.

Souvenir products with a truly Siberian character will give warmth and a piece of the true soul of the Yenisey Siberia.